2009 m. vasario 18 d., trečiadienis

Version 0.5 (beta) released

Some minor improvements made in version 0.5b. Shortened URL is now added to bit.ly account history. This also makes preview thumbnails available. 

2009 m. vasario 15 d., sekmadienis

Onomatopoeia Twitter client shortens URLs

Onomatopoeia Twitter status updater uses BitlyBridge SOAP server to shorten messages before updating Twitter status.

2009 m. vasario 9 d., pirmadienis

Bitly Bridge won second prize in API contest

Bitly Bridge won second prize in Bit.ly API contest. See all Bit.ly API contest winners.

2009 m. vasario 8 d., sekmadienis

Freashmeat project

Freshmeat project approved.

2009 m. vasario 7 d., šeštadienis


This blog is about Bitly Bridge, my first open source project. Bitly Bridge is middle tier between Bit.ly REST API and your web application. See project page for more details.

It may look a bit awkward. Hopefully it gets better in the future. Comments and suggestions are wellcome.